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Teenage Bounty Hunters
Netflix Comedy-drama created Kathleen Jordan and brought to you by Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann. Twin sisters Blair and Sterling balance teen life at an elite Southern high school with an unlikely new career as butt-kicking bounty hunters.

Dare Me
A TV show (USA Network) based on the acclaimed novel by Megan Abbott, Dare Me dives into the cutthroat world of competitive high school cheerleading.

Weird City
Original songs written for the YouTube Originals series Weird City (Charlie Sanders and Jordan Peele). Music by Jonathan Sanford. Lyrics by Charlie Sanders.

Feature documentary about a scientist behind many important inventions, including the hydrogen bomb, by filmmakers Richard Breyer and Anand Kamalakar.

Feature film by Academy Award Nominee Steph Green starring Will Forte and Maxine Peake.

A short film directed by Jeff Addiss about a puppet… that gets dumped.

Feature documentary by Richard Breyer and Anand Kamalakar about John W. Jones and he quest for freedom from slavery.

An hysterical web series about a quirky dinner theatre. Directed by Jeffrey Addiss.

Short film by Alexis and Bodine Boling.



Jonathan Sanford is a Los Angeles-based composer, music producer, and saxophonist scoring music for films, television, and stage. He is known for bringing unique sounds and unexpected ideas through an analog exploration process.

Sanford is the composer of the Netflix Series Teenage Bounty Hunters from Tilted Productions (GLOW, Orange Is The New Black, Weeds) and USA’s noir television drama Dare Me, based on the novel by Megan Abbott. He recently completed the score for the Netflix/Universal feature Good On Paper, starring Iliza Schlesinger and Margaret Cho and directed by Kimmy Gatewood.

Sanford’s previous work includes Netflix’s Social Distance, That Moment When for PBSNews Hour/Facebook Watch, original songs for YouTube’s Weird City, score for the EKO interactive series Timeline, and Off-Broadway stage play Tomorrow In The Battle (Stripped Scripts). Sanford has also scored documentaries for Syracuse professor Richard Breyer, tracks for Run and Jump directed by Oscar-nominated Steph Green, and short films with premieres at Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals.

Sanford was born in Baltimore, Maryland, studying piano and violin before deciding on the saxophone at age nine. Jonathan went on to study classical saxophone, under the tutelage of Dr. Frederick Hemke at Northwestern University, where he was also a member of the 1996 Big Ten Championship Football Team. As a saxophonist and vocalist, Jonathan has shared the stage with legendary artists including Max Roach, Eddie Palmieri, Danilo Perez, and Bobby McFerrin.


Happy Fourth!! It happened! The Royalbaby EP is here! We've been sitting on this for awhile now, but it is out. Wherever you listen to music, you will find it! Please listen and share! @iam_royalbaby and I can't wait for you to get your ears on this. This is my first artist release as a producer! 😎

So many thanks to the brilliant musicians that contributed:
@musicariza @krishuayta @haogilvy @mtomall @sufi_says

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There was a time I said, "I will not love that dog." She went real hard in the studio today 🥱😴
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Improv with some synthesizers.. One morning I decided to just play and not turn the computer on. I was noodling and then decided to press record on the tape deck. This is that recording. Nothing added, no mix, just straight from the tape. That's all.
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Puttin' dat leader on the tape… acting professional over here. Word.
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And post 2/2 for my personal Kimmy Gatewood week! Here's a feature I got to work with Kimmy on (back when we were still washing groceries on the front porch)! It's funny. It's coming soon-ish! Her words are below. 😊

Reposted from @kimmygatewood MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! JUNE 23rd on @netflix !!! GOOD ON PAPER is coming to your screens!!!

It’s your new favorite Rom-CON based on a true story. This is a truly satisfying moment

Here’s a little sneak peek!
I directed this film written by/starring @ilizas – made in LA baby, with my most favorite team! LETS DO THIS!

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It's like Kimmy Gatewood week over here! (Post one of two) Thanks for letting me score you stuff 😊😎!! Her words are below. AND due to the festivals high ticket demand, the screenings have moved to the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Repost from @kimmygatewood *W * O * W * FIVE NOMINATIONS for Navel Gazers!!! Thank you @micheauxfilmfest

*Best Sci-fi
*Best Director
*Best Writing
*Best Actress
*Best Editing

This is a short we made during the pandemic with my best creative squad. Directed by me! Written by @anaahbell ! Such a wonderful encouragement to always keep creating.

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Tuesday Improv.. There is bass, if you listen through headphones or speakers. 😎

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Throwback to late fall when @ishootamerica snapped me in the act. Anyone else find they need to get away from their computer to rewire their creative brain a bit?
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🎧Sound On🎧 New-to-me-and-the-studio piano! And no, it hasn't been tuned yet.. Testing out mic placement on this. Thanks for brokering this deal, @ishootamerica ! And many many thanks to the very sweet person that had to part with it… it'll be right here (well, it'll switch rooms, but here) if you ever want to check in on her. For the geeks: in addition to the piano, this sketch is made from @spitfireaudio LABS Tape Orchestra and @puremagnetik Verv.
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🎧 Sound On🎧

"We need not despair. We are on the side of right." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Yeah, I'm just teasing you with the audio clip and quote. This is a piece of the score I wrote for the short film, "On The Side Of Right." LINK IN BIO.

Directed by @thewuss and featuring @living_inthelight . 📽 @dustmiller and ✂️@zacharywinick. Link to film in bio. It really came together beautifully. I am just happy to be on board and I love this still image.

Check out @surfearnegra

Side note: it took me all day to post this. 🙃


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🎧SOUND ON🎧 Just let that tape warble and hiss into your soul a lil' bit. This is the scene of a tech rehearsal the other night on the LA River. The track you're hearing is not from the show, but inspired by the score @masao_______ and I wrote for this live experiential project, Firefly Nights, by @mtgphoto and @the13exp with @contra_tiempo doing some inspiring movement. It's amazing to work in live entertainment in these times. We are out here and totally COVID safe! Word.
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I guess she's back to be a #studiodog . Wherever there's place to lay, she's there.
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Here's the Social Distance trailer! October 15th (you weren't gonna watch the debate anyway). @hilarygraham and posse tell some really heartfelt stories. We were all physically distanced from the beginning through the end of the process, but the collaboration was wonderful and smoooooove… unless you were trying to talk and on mute 😜… nobody can fix that except you. (the trailer music is not mine) #socialdistancenetflix

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🎧Sound On🎧 In my head. Thirds. @pladaskelektrisk
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Dropping tomorrrow on @netflix. Get ready for a fun ride! #teenagebountyhunters

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November 10, 1928 – July 6, 2020 #enniomorricone

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