Jonathan Sanford was born in Baltimore, Maryland and started piano lessons at Unseld’s School at the age of six. He moved on to violin before deciding on the saxophone at age nine. Jonathan went on to study classical saxophone, under the tutelage of Dr. Frederick Hemke at Northwestern University, where he was also a member of the 1996 Big Ten Championship Football Team. While in school, he wrote an original musical as well as an experimental musical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. He was a member of Chicago funk mainstay acts, Sweet Sweet Candy and Fly Williams, as a saxophonist and rapper, releasing albums with both bands. On the coattails of an appearance on General Hospital, Sanford made the move to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. He continued playing saxophones in local acts until he made the switch to electronic music and composition, writing and performing with the eclectic Mr. Tiny’s Electric Toy Band. Jonathan was a founding member of the new music group Collide, along with Third Coast Percussion member David Skidmore and concert pianist Jade Simmons. The group served as artist in residence at Georgia Tech, worked with a musical performing robot at Yale, and debuted a work from Princeton professor Dmitri Tymoczko.

Today, Sanford is composing and producing music for television, film, and advertisements, as well as producing records with independent pop artists. Some of his composition work includes documentaries for Syracuse professors Richard Breyer and Anand Kamalakar, tracks for “Run And Jump,” directed by Oscar-nominated Steph Green. He recently scored “Don’t Mess With Julie Whitfield” by Amy Barham (Tribeca Film Festival 2017), “The Homestay” by Priyanka Mattoo (Cannes Film Festival 2018), and you can hear his original songs in Jordan Peele’s “Weird City” on YouTube Premium today. You can also hear his work on the PBS News Hour Docu-series “That Moment When” airing weekly on Facebook Watch and the upcoming interactive EKO Network series, “Timeline.” Right now, Jonathan is scoring the upcoming television series “Dare Me” (USA Network).